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TCS Week 12: Leading Passer: 142 yards - Danny White, LOU             Leading Rusher: 66 yards - Owen Quirk, LOU             Leading Receiver: 106 yards - Scott Long, LOU             Leader in QB Sacks: 1 sacks - Antwon Canady, LOU             Leading in Interceptions: 1 interceptions - Rashon Winslow, LOU            
Season 19 Roms: - Preseason - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Bowl - Nat'l Championship
The deadline for Nat'l Championship games is April 26, 2012, 6:30 pm (MDT).
Current TCS Time: February 20, 2018, 12:09 pm (MST)
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League Leaders
Donnie Azor, Penn
2281 yards
Frank Wolfe III, St.F
1559 yards
Leon Tufnel, Penn
1124 yards
Antwon Canady, LOU
17 sacks
Des Ward, Penn
10 interceptions
Recent Games
S19 W11ARK 10, Conn 16
S19 W11Penn 14, N.C. 7
S19 W12LOU 21, St.F 14
S19 W11H.C. 24, Tenn 7
S19 W11Pitt 14, Troy 21
S19 W10Penn 31, N.D. 14
S19 W7H.C. 28, N.D. 14
S19 W6S.C. 7, ARK 21
S19 W7MSU 17, STT 31
S19 W4MSU 14, Penn 28
S19 W8Conn 21, H.C. 24
S19 W10St.F 31, STT 23
S19 W9H.C. 17, Penn 14
S19 W10Pitt 14, H.C. 3
S19 W3ARK 10, H.C. 0
S19 W8NCSU 27, STT 21
S19 W10NCSU 17, MSU 21
S19 W9SDSU 28, Wash 14
S19 W8UGA 21, S.C. 17
S19 W9S.C. 31, Bama 28
Game of the Week
Week 10
8-0 Notre Dame is hosting 6-2 Penn in a full tilt contest this week. The National Championship picture is pretty clear but a loss here could make for an interesting situation. Notre Dame has two games left versus Washington and Penn. If the Irish can win these two games they are in the national championship. If Notre Dame loses just one of these two contests, the only team that can possibly unseat them is Slippery Rock. St Thomas is the only other one loss team in the nation, but the Tommies would need to go through Louisville in the Midhorn in order to get to the National Title, Notre Dame would not be effected because two teams from the same conference cannot play in a bowl game together.

So with the implications of a National Title on the line for Notre Dame, this game would all but clinch a spot if won. Winning the game could be a tough task against a hungry Penn squad with a highly efficient passing attack. Since joining the ECC however, Coach Tadaos has had a 2-0 record versus Penn, winning the last two contests by 10 and 7 points respectively. On top of the record against the Quakers, the Irish have put together nice little win streak the last two seasons. Coach Tadaos leads active TCS coaches and has now won 16 straight games in TCS. During that streak they have won with solid defense (4th ranked) and managing the game on offense (7th ranked).

Penn is looking to get its first win versus Notre Dame since season 8. If there is anyone who matches up well with the Irish it is the Quakers. The Quakers have allowed less total yards per game than the Irish, and are ranked 10th in offense. The one facet of offense you will have to watch for is the passing attack led by Denver Hendrix. Hendrix now has 20 touchdowns on the season, which leads TCS this season.

What to watch for: Penn averages 210 passing yards a game and Notre Dame only allows 103 yards on average.
21.5PPG Allowed13.27
88.4Rush Yards43.55
103.2Pass Yards207.36
103.2Rush Defense89.82
135.6Pass Defense113.45
Muņoz Trophy Leaders
Antwon Canady, LOU
17 sacks, 0 interceptions
Frank Wolfe III, St.F
1559 rush yards, 27 rush TDs, 22 catches, 307 rec yards, 2 rec TDs
Antrel Dillon, Tenn
1036 rec yards, 14 rec TDs
Donnie Azor, Penn
2281 pass yards, 31 pass TDs, 59 rush yards, 1 rush TD
Kendall Gaskins, Rich
1473 rush yards, 16 rush TDs, 4 catches, 67 rec yards, 0 rec TDs
Sterling Jackson, HWI
1506 rush yards, 11 rush TDs, 5 catches, 21 rec yards, 0 rec TDs
Des Ward, Penn
1 sack, 10 interceptions
Zippy Brown, Conn
7 sacks, 1 interception
Leon Tufnel, Penn
1124 rec yards, 10 rec TDs
Colin Lockett, SDSU
886 rec yards, 11 rec TDs